Actor Shane Regan Joins the Grief Dialogues Cast

Shane Regan

One of the many things I love about using theatre to start the conversation is the opportunity to meet new people and to see actors whose work you have previously seen and admired now take on an bigger role in your life by acting YOUR words.   Because of his reputation in this city, I was particularly thrilled when Shane Regan took on multiple roles in Grief Dialogues: The Play

In his own words

“Death is scary. It’s final. Unknown. And when we suppress or deny the existence of death, the more frightening it becomes.  It’s odd, but the more we accept our mortality the more we can live our life, and honor the lives of others.  These plays shine a light and continue the discussion.“’

About Shane

Shane, born and raised in the Seattle area, is also Program Manager at local arts advocacy group Theatre Puget Sound. See his inspired, nuanced work in four selected plays at the Seattle Death Salon. Later this month, see him in “Closer” at SecondStory Repertory Theatre.



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