Advisory Council

Caitlin Doughty

Caitlin Doughty

Licensed Mortician, Death Acceptance Advocate, Founder of The Order of the Good Death, Author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and owner of Undertaking LA, her first funeral home
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I started my career staging death and dying for the theatre so the mission of the Grief Dialogues is close to my heart.
Suze Allen

Suze Allen

Author, Editor, Writing Coach, Playwright, Dramaturg, and Founding Memver and Resident Playwright at 3Girls Theatre in San Francisco.
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: Grief Dialogues gives voice to the deeply universal sense of loss and longing that come with grief. With projects like The Grief Dialogues we know we are not alone in our pain.
Kate Ruffing

Kate Ruffing

Chief Innovation Officer
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: After the death of my husband in 2014, I became very aware of the need for a forum to talk about grief, death and dying.  I hope to contribute meaningfully in a way that opens the conversations to others that may also feel all alone.
Halle Braswell

Halle Braswell

Social Media and Marketing Manager
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I hope to represent the millennial crowd and find the best ways to begin the conversation around dying, death, and grief. How do we even start to cope when we can see grief on the horizon? I am honored to be part of such a special project!
Katrina Spade

Katrina Spade

Founder and director of the Urban Death Project, a new model of death care
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I am a firm believer in the need for honest, open conversations around death and dying. I love the Grief Dialogues because it helps us have those conversations in a deep and meaningful way.
Karen Vargas

Karen Vargas

Director of Living Life Leadership, a youth mentoring program in leadership and cultural awareness
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: Grief Dialogues is a way to enjoy the good in grief and everyone is feeling good about the transition.
Rachel Ditmar

Rachel Delmar

Product Manager
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I believe art is what brings us together as a community to investigate & process what is, has been, and will be. Death, dying, & grief is something we will all experience in one way or another, though we so rarely seem to talk about it. The Grief Dialogues creates a safe space & a catalyst for us all to share our stories, and remind each other that we are not alone. You are not alone.
Dr. Sharon Stanley

Dr. Sharon Stanley

Psychotherapist and Educator
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues:I am interested in the neurobiology of healing grief, loss and trauma as well as ancient wisdom practices that traditional societies bring to people suffering from adversity.  I believe the GD offers me the opportunity to use the findings of neuroscience that facilitate the grieving and healing process.
Nora Menkin

Nora Menkin

Managing Director at The Co-op Funeral Home of People's Memorial
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I was working as a stage manager in Seattle when The Co-op Funeral Home of People’s Memorial was formed in 2007. Grief Dialogues was a natural way to combine my theatre background with my work and to pull back the curtain on the funeral industry.
Taryn Lindhorst

Taryn Lindhorst

Carol LaMare Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Washington
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I feel a strong connection with Grief Dialogues as my current work focuses on training social work students in palliative and oncology and I encourage my students to lead conversations about death.
Wesley Fruge

Wesley Frugé

Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Forward Flux Productions
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I am very passionate about “The Grief Dialogues” because I think it’s a dialogue we NEED to have as a country. Watching a personal family member slowly fade has made me re-think death and dying, and I’m excited to be a part of a project that will bring this important conversation to the stage.
Sarah Oconnell

Sarah OConnell

Artistic Director of The Asylum Theatre in Las Vegas, a company dedicated solely to the development of new works.
Why I got involved with The Grief Dialogues: I am pleased to support the Grief Dialogues project as it highlights contemporary works that help others cope with the universal challenge of loss in a meaningful and positive way.

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