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Mens shoes

The Second Year

My husband died two years ago this past January.  And after two years I hear all sorts of well-meaning comments from friends and family telling me I’m “strong” and “doing well.”

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Rwanda countryside

All Grief is Relative

Editor’s note: Living in another country, where miracles and atrocities go hand-in-hand, brings a unique blend of joys and sorrows and perspective when facing grief. ~ EC The tropical fruit I

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face in the trees

10 Years of Saying Goodbye

Some have been gone for years; other’s days, months, a few minutes. It has been nearly 10 years since I last saw him. In the early days of loss, my mind

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The Shoebox

I am not exactly sure when my dwarf hamster Elmer died. Mom fed him for a few days, while I babysat my cousin. When I returned home, I put out some food

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The Mug

Editor’s Note: Sometimes it’s the simple and silly that bring us the greatest memories. It’s just a mug. I had almost forgotten that I’d hidden it all those years ago. But,

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Celebrate Death as we do Birth

While I personally ended 2020 in a funk, fueled by the negativity of the world news, personal loss, and burnout from producing twenty new shows in 11 months(!), I embrace the new

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