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Fatherless Father's Day

Fatherless Father’s Day

Fatherless Father’s Day was recorded for Reimagine: Life, Loss & Love, a Worldwide Virtual Festival on June 20, 2020. It is co-presented by Grief Dialogues and the Karuna Project. Watch the

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Closed sign

A Shattering Silence

On that warm, sunny seventh day of August 1949, everything seemed the same outside the house.  The paved path from the sidewalk still curved gently uphill in a right-leaning arc, flanked

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Crabapple Tree

Under the Crabapple Trees

The hurricane had blasted through just four days earlier, and many houses were still without electricity. A cousin’s house just up the hill had lights, so my parents walked up there to

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Memories of Father

Memories of My Dad

Sandy coloured hair streaked white, marks the maturity of yearsPiercing blue eyes twinkle like stars, full of mischief and delightTreasured thoughts, I smile as my eyes blink back the tearsFilling my

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