Upright Piano- Testament By Lituo Huang Grief Dialogues
Lituo Huang


For D.K. On the day of your passing I watched your friends scatter— some, to high places—tops of trees to wave their branches in winds

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The Mute Dinner Guest- Blog Post by Elizabeth Coplan
Gwen Goodkin

The Mute Dinner Guest

Every time I try to explain what the book is about, I come up with something different. It’s a hologram. I hope. Or maybe it’s a mirror – reflecting whatever it is the reader needs to see. Maybe that’s how all books work, though.

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Mother and child
Aimee Ross

The Ghosts of Grief

Lately, I just can’t shake this dull, overwhelming sadness that has attached itself to me. Like some annoying, intractable specter hanging about. Losing my loved

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The Holidays AND Space
Kara Jones

The Holiday ANDspace

In my heARTwork over at The Creative Grief Studio, we coined the phrase ANDspace to talk about how grief experience so often does not fit

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Bokeh from the lamp at night.
Megan Vered

From Absence to Presence

  My father died in a car accident on Christmas Day, 1982, the day before my twenty-ninth birthday. The festivities I’d been eagerly awaiting were

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Helping the Dead Ascend #OutofGriefComesArt @griefdialogues

📈Research shows experiences 🪂 bring more happiness 😃 than things🧦, so...

Give a 🎁 that lets people experience YOU 👋🏾! Do #advancecareplanning✍️🏾, tell people what you value and why (#ACPSocial) 💬, and set up a better future.⌛️

My mother’s shampoo! And almost 20 years later I can still smell it in her night cap that I saved in a memory box!



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