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Funeral Rocks

The Look of Death was a Gift

Some of us know the look of death in someone who is going to die.  We know it’s coming on a face we’ve known. We know without needing to think about it.

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One Less Present to Wrap

I miss going for walks with her when she quizzes me on what I did as a teenager. I always said I would tell her when she was older – now I can only speak to her, but I can’t see her except in my dreams every night.

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Talking with Novelist Tara Marta

Grief Dialogues:  Good morning and welcome to the latest episode of grief bursts, the podcast page for the website Grief Dialogues. And today I’m with Tara Marta and she’s going to talk

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New plant growth

Growth from Sudden Death

Just a few short months after the sudden and unexpected death of my beloved husband Glenn, I had an email exchange with a Sandy Hook mother who had lost her 6-year-old

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Lonely Businessman Alone Anxiety Beach Concept

What is Grief?

It is personal. It belongs to you. You may take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in your feelings; that others have felt like you, but not everybody

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Author Jen Brierley and GD Founder Elizabeth Coplan in Chester, England

What is grief? What is a coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidences? What about coincidences that deal with grief? According to expert Dr. Bernard Beitman there is no such thing as chance. all coincidences have meaning…. In his

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