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New Book Submission Guidelines!

BOOK SUBMISSION GUIDELINES In 2017 we started an important conversation on dying, death, and grief when we published our book Just a Little More Time. For 2018 please join us for the second volume. Estimated publication date: June 1, 2018. As you may recall, Just A Little More Time combines letters, poems, and essays from people…

Empty Chair and Holiday Grief

My mother died in January 2001. She missed September 11th, the anthrax attack and the Patriot Act. She missed the news of the space shuttle Columbia disintegration and the capture of Saddam Hussein. And she never saw my posts on Facebook or heard of Katrina, Irma or Ike. Sadly, she knew of Columbine but thankfully…

Forever Is Not Long Enough

One of my favorite writers is Amy Ferris, who, to me, is a dead-ringer for Meryl Streep, and I mean that in the best way. Amy’s ability to write words both brief and profound on so many different and serious topics blows me away each time I read them. When I read Amy’s post on…

Meet Grief Dialogues Assistant Director Leslie Wisdom

Leslie is a writer, performer and director, appearing in musical theater, plays, children’s theater, readings and cabarets throughout Seattle.  She assistant directed Parade and The Last Day of Judas of Iscariot (Sound Theatre Company) and Peter and the Starcatcher (Coeur d’ Alene Summer Theatre). Leslie recently completed a musical adaptation of a classic children’s novel…

Actor Shane Regan Joins the Grief Dialogues Cast

One of the many things I love about using theatre to start the conversation is the opportunity to meet new people and to see actors whose work you have previously seen and admired now take on an bigger role in your life by acting YOUR words.   Because of his reputation in this city, I…

Greg Brisendine Performs in Grief Dialogues Debut

Eight days and counting unti the Grief Dialogues Deput Play.  I am honored that my good friend and fellow Parley Playwright, and a talented actor is performing in the show.  Greg Brisendine is also a  poet and corporate drone in Seattle. His new play is No Strings Attached, about life, love, and sex in a…

Wesley Fruge Directs Grief Dialogues Debut

Wesley Fruge  has been Creative Advisor for The Grief Dialogues from the start.  He is also the Founder + Producing Artistic Director of Forward Flux Productions.  We are incredibly lucky he is directing our Seattle Death Salon play Grief Dialogues. In his own words “I am very passionate about “The Grief Dialogues” because I think…

Grief Dialogues: The Play Tickets for Sept. 8th Performance On Sale Now

Don’t miss this show in Seattle.  Tickets: Inspired by stories of dying, death and grief, The Grief Dialogues uses theatre to start the conversation.  Conversation about what? About dying, death and grief! The Grief Dialogues presents  some of the rhetoric and stigma that often surrounds death and instead asks us to listen to the voices of women…
Sharon Stanley

The Healer Within

An Interview with Dr. Sharon Stanley, an educator and psychotherapist in private practice and a member of our Advisory Council As an educator, Sharon is interested in the neurobiology of healing grief, loss and trauma as well as ancient wisdom practices that traditional societies have offered to people suffering from adversity.  She has developed a…
Book~ Just a Little More Time

Just a Little More Time

Now available in bookstores! I am proud to announce that the book JUST A LITTLE MORE TIME is out in print and book readings are scheduled for across the country. It all started with an idea.  An idea to collect stories of loss but also stories filled with love.  And an anthology was born. The…

Need a primer on how to support grieving friends or family? Check out this quick 7 minute tv segment. Supporting people is much easier than you think. #grief #understandinggrief

Tim Farrington speaks of darkness of grief and the liminal space that swirls us through despair, depression and, sometimes, spiritual growth. #grief #despair #depression #hope

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