The Ghosts of Grief

Lately, I just can’t shake this dull, overwhelming sadness that has attached itself to me. Like some annoying, intractable specter hanging about. Losing my loved ones. Impending doom. The fear of death and the unknown. Grief for what is yet to come. The thoughts cloud my brain, tugging at happiness. They beg for attention. Stop…

Six ways to support someone grieving through the holidays…from near or far

Grief and loss can be overwhelming anytime of the year. But during the holidays, there’s a chance it’s harder, or at the very least, hard in different ways. We experience and remember rituals that we never think about at any other time of the year. We are forced to interact with people we haven’t seen…

Empty Chairs Around the Holiday Table

  “There is a grief that can’t be spoken. There is a pain that goes on and on. Empty chairs at empty tables. Now my friends are dead and gone.” —Les Miserables   We in America are not good at grieving. Most of us tend to numb our pain with alcohol, television, food, or drugs…
The Holidays AND Space

The Holiday ANDspace

In my heARTwork over at The Creative Grief Studio, we coined the phrase ANDspace to talk about how grief experience so often does not fit in our binary based world. This has been especially true for me in my personal grief experience of the holidays since my son died in 1999. Also in my work…

From Absence to Presence

  My father died in a car accident on Christmas Day, 1982, the day before my twenty-ninth birthday. The festivities I’d been eagerly awaiting were silenced by the flame of a yahrzeit memorial candle. How would life go on without him? On December 28th, almost thirty years later, I sat by my mother’s bedside singing…

Empty Chair and Holiday Grief

My mother died in January 2001. She missed September 11th, the anthrax attack and the Patriot Act. She missed the news of the space shuttle Columbia disintegration, the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the death of Osama Bin Laden. She never saw my posts on Facebook or heard of Katrina, Irma or Ike. Sadly, she…

I weep for you, for us, Momma

  It is our collective complacency that killed this calf. The mother holds her body and her little open mouth aloft for all to see and it breaks our hearts. She won’t let the little girl drop to the sea floor where we could pretend her birth into stillness didn’t happen. We don’t want to…
My father at my wedding

Memorial Day: Sun Mixed with Rain

  Each year, around Memorial Day, I remember my father with love, grief, and a touch of anger. Dad served his country in Korea and later in Vietnam, Thailand, oh and in Cambodia (but shh! U.S. military was not there). My grief renews when I think of memories my sons will never make with their grandfather.…
Healing Grief- Writing a Letter to Deceased Love One

Writing A Letter to Your Deceased Loved One

Writing a letter to a deceased love one offers important therapy to heal grief.  Your grief is palpable.   You think of your deceased loved one and you can not imagine your days without him/her.  Perhaps you make an appointment with a therapist or MD.  You take the prescribed meds and follow your doctor’s advice to…

One thing we can do to help grieving people is to talk about the reality of grief. Sharing stories about what this is really like is our best vote for helping everybody. The best place I know to share your grief story is inside a #WritingYourGrief session:

Congrats @DrJAshton for having the courage to write such a relatable, humble, and educational book regarding suicide and the trauma it leaves in its wake.I’m honored & proud to contribute to a book that will have a strong positive effect in changing the culture of mental health.


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