Out of Grief Comes Change

After we have dealt with grief for a period of time, we will reach a point where it feels like we are turning away from our loved one and moving on. We probably are, even though we don’t want to. We will have changed some aspects of our life. Maybe we have given most of…
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Out of Grief Comes Newness

Let’s say we’ve adjusted to the death of a loved one to some degree. We’re back at work. We’re cooking, shopping, and taking care of the house. We’re gathering with friends and talking about something other than grief like sports, politics, and the sale going on at Kohls Department Store. Hopefully we no longer feel…
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Out of Grief Comes Loss

C.S. Lewis wrote that dealing with grief was like adjusting to life with one leg amputated. He said our whole way of life changes, and that while we may get around pretty well, we will probably walk with a limp and have recurrent pain for the rest of our life. After his wife died, Lewis…
Out of Grief Comes Faith By Mark Liebenow

Out of Grief Comes Faith

If you’re grieving and a person of faith, no matter what religion you follow, you are probably torn between how you think you should feel and how you actually do. You sense a distance between the assurance of faith and the raw emotions of death.  We put a lot of shoulds on ourselves because of faith that…
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Out of Grief Comes Emotion

When grief hits, we are pummeled by a range of emotions. We may not have known that we could feel so much, endure so much, or rage for an hour until we were exhausted. Grief unleashes a barrage of emotions that short circuits our mind and leaves us sobbing on the floor.  When someone close…
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Out of Grief Comes Body

Grief hits with the force of a dump truck, leaving us battered and achy for months. Every morning we wake up, remember that our loved one is dead, and the truck runs over us again.  Our encounter with grief is so powerful, so eye-popping, that we are sure people can tell what has happened by…
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Out of Grief Comes Spirit

Sometimes I hear the voice of a family member who has died, or I feel their presence. Is it real? Out of the blue, I will think to send something to a friend in another state. When it arrives three days later, it’s exactly what she needed that day. How did I know? Is something…
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Out of Grief Comes Community

When someone we love dies, friends tend to disappear, and all our memories with the person who died avalanche down around us. It’s easy to feel abandoned. I was afraid I wasn’t grieving right. In our struggle to survive a death, it’s important to assemble a community of people to help us deal with the…
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Out of Grief Comes Darkness

Grief is a dark place because no one taught us what losing someone we love feels like.
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Out of Grief Comes___________

Several years ago, as I began this Grief Dialogues journey, the phrase Out of Grief Comes Art became my mantra. When I experienced a beautiful piece of art such as writing or film, I often learned that the art form was created by the artist as a way to work through grief. At first I…

After we’ve dealt with grief for a time, we reach a point where it feels like we are turning away from our loved one. We are. And we aren’t. #grief #death #turningaway #presence

Oldie but goodie! “Mindfulness of our mortality helps us investigate our priorities.”

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