Board Members

Elizabeth Coplan | Grief Dialogues

Elizabeth Coplan

Writer and Founder of
The Grief Dialogues

Why I got involved in Grief Dialogues: Sharing my own story encouraged others to talk about their own grief stories and the conversation was started. 

Dr. Robert Neimeyer

Dr. Robert Neimeyer

Psychology Professor at University of Memphis
Director of The Portland Institute for Loss and Transition

Why I got involved in Grief Dialogues: Our connections define us, and we can accomplish far more together than we can independently. I’m excited to support the Grief Dialogues and its innovative grief therapy technique. 
Carla Rose Fischer

Carla Rose Fisher


Why I got involved in Grief Dialogues: A friend of mine told me I nailed the grieving process when I wrote the song “Go On” for her mother’s death. Now I can share this song with Grief Dialogues. 
Scott Coplan | Grief Dialogues

Scott Coplan

Change Manager, Educator, Author and Speaker

Why I got involved in Grief Dialogues: Facing anticipatory grief, I felt the need, no the necessity, of connecting with others and our shared losses. 


During this time of isolation, writing about your grief can be a life line. #OutofGriefComesArt

As people practice physical distancing in the wake of the pandemic, connecting virtually has become the next best thing to being there for staying in touch with older family members, whether they’re a few miles away or across the country. @care_grief

“When done well, telemedicine provides something that face-to-face visits can’t – a window to the person, not as a body whose sickness will be deciphered through an H&P, but as a fellow human experiencing fear and needing connection. ⁦@care_grief⁩



Grief Dialogues is an educational and informational community and not meant to diagnose or act as medical treatment. Professional support services based on life and grief coaching practices for moving forward after loss may be offered. If you are experiencing serious suicidal thoughts that you cannot control, please stop now and telephone 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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