Fatherless Father’s Day

Fatherless Father's Day

Fatherless Father’s Day was recorded for Reimagine: Life, Loss & Love, a Worldwide Virtual Festival on June 20, 2020. It is co-presented by Grief Dialogues and the Karuna Project.

Watch the video here.

In this recording, you will hear from six authors featured in our book Grief Dialogues and on our website by the same name as they describe their fathers and their loss. Claudia Coenen, a certified grief counselor, thanatologist, and creator of The Karuna Project discusses how to use the power of storytelling to begin our healing our grief.

Readers include:

Helen Haladyna — A Shattering Silence

Alison Eckels — Under the Crabapple Tree

Maureen Geraghty — When Your Dad is Dying

Toni Lepeska — Standing in the Gap

Gwen Goodkin — The Greatest Gizmo

Joseph Musco — Three Times I Lost My Father

Your host for the evening is Elizabeth Coplan, Founder and President of the nonprofit Grief Dialogues. Their vision is to create a compassionate world where we celebrate death as we do birth. They do this through an artistic movement that supports essential and healthy conversations. We believe that Out of Grief Comes Art.

Our hope is that after viewing this recording you will write or use whatever art form suits you to work through your own healing process.


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