Go On

Theme Song for Grief Dialogues
Music, Lyrics, and Vocals by Carla Rose Fisher.

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Carla wrote Go On to help a friend heal from the loss of her mother. The song’s message is that grief comes in waves, and we each grieve in our own way and our own time. And most importantly, any way you choose to process your emotions is completely fine.

In 2012, Canadian powerhouse singer-songwriter Amy Sky heard the demo for Go On and included it on her album of healing and recovery, Alive & Awake. Watch and listen as Amy talks about the song.

The power of music in our healing process is strong. Songs about grieving and loss moved to the forefront in the last couple of years, and perhaps the most prominent album of late is Liv On, combining the talents of singer-songwriters Olivia Newton-John, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Grief Dialogues’ friend and Carla’s collaborator, Amy Sky.

Carla Rose Fisher is a Broadway lyricist and an award-winning pop songwriter. Visit her website for more information: http://carlarosefisher.com

Go On
By Carla Rose Fisher

You’re sitting in a dark room,
You’re staring down the bad news,
Hoping in vain to sort it out.
Friends offer up their kindness,
But all you hear is silence.
You’re trapped within a world without.
And you wonder if it’s OK to crumble.
Well, there’s no rule that says you must smile through.
So Go On, feel.
Go On, wallow.
It’s hard to swallow cos we’re not built for this. 
Go On, cry.
Go On, break down. 
No one can tell you the way you grieve is wrong. So just Go On.
You’re standing two years later.
Your life’s been good on paper.
But there are days you just can’t breathe. 
One memory finds another,
Enough to blow your cover.
You’re left with half the strength you need. 
And you wonder if it’s careless to cave in. 
Cos you can’t find a way to leave your bed.
So Go On, feel.
Go On, wallow.
It’s hard to swallow cos we’re not built for this. 
Go On, cry.
Go On, break down.
No one can tell you the way you grieve is wrong. 
So just Go On.
Ooh, how it changes you.
Ooh, how it changes you.
Ooh, how it changes you. 
Ooh, it changes—
So Go On, feel.
And Go On, cry.
If you’re gonna break down, break down. 
The only way you’re ever gonna heal
Is to Go On, feel.


“Your job as a support person is not to cheer people up. It’s to acknowledge that it sucks right now, and their pain exists.”
- @refugeingrief


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