Grief Dialogues Stories on Love and Loss is now available through a variety of retail sellers. While you can find our book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, we prefer to support local book store sellers
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Grief Dialogues: The Book harness the power of words and images to combat grief.
Sometimes funny. Sometimes hopeful. Sometimes inspiring.
Always heartfelt, honest, and reflective.

Proceeds of this book are donated to People's Memorial Association (PMA), providing funeral advocacy and education in
Washington State since 1939, and to the Funeral Consumers Alliance (FCA), ensuring consumers are fully prepared and protected
when planning a funeral for themselves or loved ones across the country since 1963.

What People are Saying About Grief Dialogues: The Book!

Photograph of Elizabeth Coplan GD Book

Grief is a Journey.


My name is Elizabeth Coplan, founder of the Grief Dialogues a non-profit an artistic movement dedicated to starting new conversations about dying, death, and grief.

I'm excited to share Grief Dialogues. The Book with you a collection of stories, poems, and plays from over 60 authors reflecting on their personal experiences of grief. It is our hope that the stories will offer a sense of compassion, hope, and inspiration as you make your way through your own healing journey.

Wishing you much peace.

Elizabeth Coplan Signature

We share this book with you as an important part of living with grief and the varying emotions that come with loss. When a loved doesn’t know how to start planning a loved one’s funeral, I frequently ask “Tell me about them.” The stories that come forth range from wistful to angry to funny. Stories bring different memories helping people to navigate the tumultuous waters of grief.

Nora Menkin

ED, People’s Memorial

Elizabeth Coplan turned her personal loss and grief info art in the groundbreaking play, The Grief Dialogues. In sharing grief, she has been to not only be able to not only start healing conversations, but she also teaches others who work with the grieving a deeper sort of compassion and empathy, using theaters in ways that touch the soul much differently any other classroom course. She has done so again with this book.

Karen Smith

VP, National Board of Directors

As someone who has edited, published and written a combined several hundred stories about the long arc of loss, I know first-hand the undeniable power and confidence that comes from sharing your own narrative, as opposed to having someone else craft it for you. Through beautiful poetry and prose, The Grief Dialogues book gives that power to a wide variety of people, who I'm sure, in turn, will inspire multitudes to do the same. 

Rebecca Soffer

Coauthor, Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome.

Coplan has curated prose, verse, and short plays that tell the stories of grief and loss that happen every day, all around us. Some of the deaths are quiet and beautiful. Some are tragic. Some are confusing; not everyone who dies is an uncomplicated “loved one.” And every one of the authors in these pages is a real person who grabs you around the heart and pulls you up next to them to listen to a story.

Josh Slocum

Executive Director, Funeral Consumers Alliance

After losing five well loved and missed family members over the last two and a half years and the family dog, the Grief Dialogues is my calming force when those waves of grief and despair hit. The ability to understand and empathize with another person's anguish makes you feel as if you aren't alone on this journey of grief and loss. Keep this book close at hand on those days when your feelings are overwhelming and you need inspiration to go on....

Gretchen Goodkin Becker



Grief Dialogues: The Book


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