Listen to Compassion Culture Series Podcast Interview with Vena Wilson, LCSW, on Radical Acceptance

Vena Wilson, LCSW

I met Vena Wilson through another Las Vegas therapist when I brought our play, Grief Dialogues, to the Cockroach Theatre in Las Vegas.  The show, in honor of the first responders of the Las Vegas Strip Shooting a year prior, required a therapist for our talk back.  When the original therapist was unable to attend and moderate the post-show discussion, she recommended Vena, and a new professional friendship was born.  

Since that day in late September 2018, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Vena on other projects including a reading of Grief Dialogues: The Book for the Nevada Hospice Care.  

Vena is a licensed clinical social worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a small private practice Honeybee Behavioral Health. Here Vena works with teenagers and their families on building skillful, healthy, joyful relationships and helping the teenager with taking self-harm or suicide off the table as an option. 

She finds that the teenage stage of life tends to be a very difficult one, especially so for those with a very sensitive emotion regulation center.  It is only exacerbated by COVID.  Vena teaches her clients about strategies to tolerate painful emotions, handle stress skillfully, and have a better happier relationship with their parents.

Listen in and/or watch as Vena discusses her practice and the techniques that help alleviate tension including DBT and Radical Acceptance.


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