Memories of My Dad

Memories of Father

Memories of my dad are coming to touch my soul
Just like the refreshment of raindrops on a spring day
Sweet as honeycomb, restoration that makes me whole
Pictures of fun and laughter fill my mind, childhood play.

Sandy coloured hair streaked white, marks the maturity of years
Piercing blue eyes twinkle like stars, full of mischief and delight
Treasured thoughts, I smile as my eyes blink back the tears
Filling my dreams you come into the stillness of the night. 

The dimple in your chin that moved with chuckles and smiles
Your energy ignited even the most sombre of moods
Those flamboyant clothes you wore in later life, such style,
You were so lively at parties and first up for food.

Your presence filled those exceptional times I can but reflect
Within my mind those recollections are captured forever
These special moments are a time that I can never neglect
Gazing upon your photograph my heart flutters like feathers.

My loss still fresh but my grief turns to joy and hope
For now heaven awaits you in all its beauty and majesty
All pain, suffering, sorrow and tears are no more
May you enjoy your new life free from earthly mortality? 

 From Elizabeth Coplan about the author: 

I had the pleasure of meeting Louise Turnbull during the Grief Dialogues book reading at St. Rocco’s Hospice in Warrington, England a year ago. Today I am honored to share some of her poetry with our readers.

Louise Turnbull is in her early 50’s. She was born in Southampton but brought up in Norfolk. She is married to Steve with one daughter, Abby. Their home is in the village of Lymm South of Warrington. Louise also has six stepchildren, 25 step Grandchildren, and two Great Grandchildren, so life is always busy. 

Louise worked for 35 years as a Registered nurse in a variety of different Specialities from Acute Medicine to Surgery, and eventually spent the last twelve years in Specialist Palliative care. She is very passionate about her faith and supports her church as a leader in the area of prayer, as well as working alongside other ministries. 

Louise and her husband lived overseas for five years in Tunisia, which gave her the desire to travel. Both Louise and her husband became involved in helping to support mission work in Romania for a number of years. Louise loves nature and photography, which gives her the inspiration to write poetry and other creative writing. 



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