Out of Grief Comes___________

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Several years ago, as I began this Grief Dialogues journey, the phrase Out of Grief Comes Art became my mantra. When I experienced a beautiful piece of art such as writing or film, I often learned that the art form was created by the artist as a way to work through grief.

At first I attributed Out of Grief Comes Art to Eve Ensler, but some online research proved that no one before me used this exact phrase, and I adopted the quote as my own.

So what exactly does Out of Grief Comes Art mean? Only the beholder of the art can answer that question. But to me it represents “an artistic creation conceived from the sadness of loss.”

Through the promotion of the phrase, a much bigger concept was born. Soon our goal became the sharing of the many forms grief takes on as we process through our new reality. 

Back in February, we asked people on Twitter and Facebook to complete this sentence Out of Grief Comes_________.  With the help of TV Anchor Travis Mayfield of Q13 in Seattle, we received hundreds of responses.   

The best part in reviewing all the responses was the overwhelming feeling that the responders generally agreed with each other. They were saying “Yes, and…” as they offered their own words for the sentence ending.  Collectively they provided a powerful framework for our new series.

To begin this series, we asked Widower’s Grief author Mark Liebenow to choose from all the social media replies and to write from his own experience about a particular ending that resonated with him.   And tomorrow we share the first in the series.  The Darkness of Grief


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