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Writing your grief story helps heal.  It’s satisfying somehow.    In fact, memoirs of loss help us understand the reality of bereavement.  Writing (and reading) play a critical roles in our healing and recovery.

As Joyce Carol Oates once wrote:

We are addicted to language for its sanity-providing. 

And, when you are ready, consider sharing your story or poem with others to provide them comfort too.  Numerous websites post essays and poems about dying, death, and grief.

We are currently requesting submissions for the second volume of Just a Little More Time.

Just a Little More Time book cover

Previously published and/or produced work is accepted if the writer holds the rights to the work.

We are actively accept personal essays about dying, death and grief on an ongoing basis.

Thank you!

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  • Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf.

One thing we can do to help grieving people is to talk about the reality of grief. Sharing stories about what this is really like is our best vote for helping everybody. The best place I know to share your grief story is inside a #WritingYourGrief session:

Congrats @DrJAshton for having the courage to write such a relatable, humble, and educational book regarding suicide and the trauma it leaves in its wake.I’m honored & proud to contribute to a book that will have a strong positive effect in changing the culture of mental health.


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