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Grief Dialogues is proud to present a collection of select sympathy cards, gifts and books for the people in your life who are experiencing grief and loss. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of our items are donated to the Grief Dialogues.

Now Available -- Grief Dialogues: Stories of Love & Loss

Grief Dialogues: The Book harnesses the power of words to give us an unobstructed view of grief. Personal accounts of love and loss craft a powerful collection of individual stories by over 60 authors and takes readers into the innermost lives of everyday people dealing with dying, death and/or grief. From Vanessa Poster’s poem We Danced portraying the inevitable interconnection of happy and sad memories, to Ann Lovejoy’s essay When Death Comes where she shares the elegance of her mother’s death with the simple statement “I think she just died but I’m not sure” to Emma Goldman Sherman’s play Super-Death! in which a gravely ill twin brother uses his superpowers in an attempt to make his death okay for his brother.  Throw in some practical suggestions from Elizabeth Coplan, Founder of Grief Dialogues, and the research findings of Dr. Jeanne Broadbent and Katrina Taee on the impact of traumatic bereavement on a therapist's personal and professional identity and practice and the reader no longer feels alone. 

Out of Grief Comes Art!

Always heartfelt, honest, and reflective, the work of these writers move through their grief and remind us:

In order to grieve we must first love.

Proceeds of this book are donated to People's Memorial Association,  providing funeral advocacy and education in Washington State since 1939, and to the Funeral Consumers Alliance, ensuring consumers are full prepared and protected when planning a funeral for themselves or loved ones across the country.

While you can find our book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, we prefer supporting local book stores such as Eagle Harbor Book Co. and Queen Anne Book Company. Or request the book from your own local bookstore (available wholesale on IngramSpark). 

Free with $50 or more donation to Grief Dialogues.

Grief Dialogues: The Book Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and bookstores near you!


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Remembrance Sympathy Card


Remembrance grief, sympathy card.
With Respect and Remembrance.

Made exclusively for the Grief Dialogues.

Orders will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days.

forget_me_not card

Forget Me Not Sympathy Card


Forget Me Not grief, sympathy card.

Love and Memories help heal a broken heart.

Made exclusively for the Grief Dialogues.

Orders will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days.


Broken Heart Sympathy Card


Broken heart, grief, sympathy cards, inspiration card.

Made exclusively for the Grief Dialogues.

Orders will be shipped within 3 to 5 business days.

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Stories of love, loss & grief

Just a Little More Time ~ Anthology on Love and Loss through Grief


Just a Little More Time is an inspiring and heartfelt anthology exploring love and loss. Over fifty authors write about their experience of losing a sense of place, innocence, marriage, health, child, parent, and other loved ones.


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