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Guidelines for PLAY Submissions

What are the Writers’ Guidelines?


The Grief Dialogues submissions require authenticity. Types of submissions include monologue (1 to 5 minutes) or a short play (10 minutes or less) and deal with dying, death and/or grief. Review our About page for our mission and vision.   We accept previously produced work.  Please include in your submission if you are a current member of the Dramatist Guild.

How can the community and/or producing theatre further benefit from a production of the play?

Each community/theatre has the opportunity to submit monologues and plays from local contributors and writers. Our Advisory Council will judge those submissions and endeavor to select one play in each community to add to the local production of The Grief Dialogues. We will consider each added play for the following year’s updated version of The Grief Dialogues.

Online Submission Form


Thank YOU, in these times of crisis, when families-by necessity- are kept away from the bedsides if dying loved ones, these acts of love and kindness are happening all the time. This is important work. Stay strong, YOU are appreciated more than you will ever know.

“Aware of this reality, doctors started addressing their own end of life wishes & sharing them publicly to encourage others to do the same.” @RanaAwdish, an ICU physician & author of In Shock, shared her plan & her colleagues if they were to get sick.



Grief Dialogues is an educational and informational community and not meant to diagnose or act as medical treatment. Professional support services based on life and grief coaching practices for moving forward after loss may be offered. If you are experiencing serious suicidal thoughts that you cannot control, please stop now and telephone 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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