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Networking Seminar Meet Ups Concept

When someone we love dies, friends tend to disappear, and all our memories with the person who died avalanche down around us. It’s easy to feel abandoned. I was afraid I wasn’t grieving right. In our struggle to survive a death, it’s important to assemble a community of people to help us deal with the…

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New Book Submission Guidelines!

Just a little More Time | Stories of love, loss & grief

BOOK SUBMISSION GUIDELINES In 2017 we started an important conversation on dying, death, and grief when we published our book Just a Little More Time. For 2018 please join us for the second volume. Estimated publication date: June 1, 2018. As you may recall, Just A Little More Time combines letters, poems, and essays from people…

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Forever Is Not Long Enough

Amy Ferris | Forever is not long enough

One of my favorite writers is Amy Ferris, who, to me, is a dead-ringer for Meryl Streep, and I mean that in the best way. Amy’s ability to write words both brief and profound on so many different and serious topics blows me away each time I read them. When I read Amy’s post on…

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Actor Shane Regan Joins the Grief Dialogues Cast

Shane Regan

One of the many things I love about using theatre to start the conversation is the opportunity to meet new people and to see actors whose work you have previously seen and admired now take on an bigger role in your life by acting YOUR words.   Because of his reputation in this city, I…

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