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Photo of river running over rocks

C.S. Lewis wrote that dealing with grief was like adjusting to life with one leg amputated. He said our whole way of life changes, and that while we may get around pretty well, we will probably walk with a limp and have recurrent pain for the rest of our life. After his wife died, Lewis…

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Out of Grief Comes Faith By Mark Liebenow

If you’re grieving and a person of faith, no matter what religion you follow, you are probably torn between how you think you should feel and how you actually do. You sense a distance between the assurance of faith and the raw emotions of death.  We put a lot of shoulds on ourselves because of faith that…

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Hand behind frosted glass

Grief hits with the force of a dump truck, leaving us battered and achy for months. Every morning we wake up, remember that our loved one is dead, and the truck runs over us again.  Our encounter with grief is so powerful, so eye-popping, that we are sure people can tell what has happened by…

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Networking Seminar Meet Ups Concept

When someone we love dies, friends tend to disappear, and all our memories with the person who died avalanche down around us. It’s easy to feel abandoned. I was afraid I wasn’t grieving right. In our struggle to survive a death, it’s important to assemble a community of people to help us deal with the…

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I weep for you, for us, Momma

Black Rose Tear Drop |Grief Dialogues

  It is our collective complacency that killed this calf. The mother holds her body and her little open mouth aloft for all to see and it breaks our hearts. She won’t let the little girl drop to the sea floor where we could pretend her birth into stillness didn’t happen. We don’t want to…

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