The Grief Dialogues: The History

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The Grief Dialogues was born out of my award-winning, 10-minute play, Hospice: A Love Story.  Hospice was produced for the Island Theatre on Bainbridge Island in August 2015.  Then, in October 2015, Forward Flux Productions offered a staged reading.

Death, grief, family, the topics of the play, resonated with many people who in turn shared their own stories, plays, songs, film …  and the project was born.  In November 2015, I partnered with The Order of the Good Death to begin the planning of  a Death Salon in Seattle in September 2017.  The Order is about making death a part of your life.

In early 2016, we launched an official Facebook page for The Grief Dialogues with over 500 likes on the first day!

As for the immediate future, there are upcoming productions of Hospice: A Love Story at Red Earth Theatre in Sedona, AZ sometime in May.  On June 11, the Lonny Chapman Theatre in Los Angles stages a world-premier, full-production of my one-act play for a six-week run!



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Grief Dialogues is an educational and informational community and not meant to diagnose or act as medical treatment. Professional support services based on life and grief coaching practices for moving forward after loss may be offered. If you are experiencing serious suicidal thoughts that you cannot control, please stop now and telephone 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)


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