What is grief? What is a coincidence?

Author Jen Brierley and GD Founder Elizabeth Coplan in Chester, England

Do you believe in coincidences? What about coincidences that deal with grief? According to expert Dr. Bernard Beitman there is no such thing as chance. all coincidences have meaning…. In his Conscious Lifestyle Magazine article titled “The Hidden Meaning of Coincidences and How to Create More of Them in Your Life”, Dr. Beitman writes:

Meaningful coincidences can also help get us to places we need to be without knowing how we got there.

Have you appreciated coincidences that push you to a new place…a place you know you need to be at…but didn’t know how you got there?

Are coincidences useful when dealing with grief?

This past week I experienced a meaningful coincidence. As many of our readers know, I’ve traveled extensively these past several months with little time for my own writing.

Our theme Out of Grief Comes Art continues to engage writers and readers from all over the world.

Mark Liebenow’s blog posts following that theme drew record number of readers to our humble website. If you missed them, start reading here. Then continue with the Mark’s 12 weekly posts Out of Grief Comes Darkness, Community, Emotion, Body, Spirit, Faith, Loss, Newness, Change, Choice, Strength, and Creativity.

With the numerous outstanding submissions of readers’ stories and blog posts, we manage a long list of contributed content. I am not always able to publish these submissions as quickly as I would like.

This week’s happy coincidence: What is Grief?

You see, we’d accepted her submission, What is Grief?, based on her personal experience after the death of her father, Dave. Here’s Jen on her wedding day with her Dad.

Jen on her wedding day with her dad Dave.

Jen orginally sent me this submission back in January (or was it December?) and it was indeed next in the queue. On Thursday last week, she contacted me, nudging me gently after several months had passed since my initial acceptance of her piece.

About the exact time I was looking for her submission in my Grief Dialogues Dropbox, Jen sent me an email.

She wanted give me her updated website information. I apologized for the delay and blamed it on my overscheduled travel plans (among other issues). “I’m in Chester, England for a book reading,” I included in my email to Jen, thinking she was somewhere in the USA.

Oh really, I live close to Chester.

In fact, I’m in Wales!

Jen Brierly

Can a coincidence provide just what I needed?

And this was a happy coincidence for both of us. Her piece really was next in the queue and now I had the opportuity to meet her in person! I wanted to publish her piece and share it with our readers as soon as possible. Her message is a strong, personal one many of us identify with.

Oh so begins a meaningful coincidence that lead to this picture of the two of us outside a coffee shop in Chester, England June 29, 2019!

And with Jen’s post I invite you to send your own answer to the questions What is Grief? Send your submission to Share Your Story.


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